Thermal Insulation

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The use of insulating material is an essential ingredient in improving the thermal efficiency of most heat treatment processes - indeed it can render them feasible. Its application can also be very important in controlling the temperature distribution and gradients for localised heat treatments. Insulation material in blanket form finds ready application for localised heat treatment, gas fired operation on vessels and as furnace linings.

The majority of applications embraced by 'Thermal Systems' are of a temporary nature, the blanket material is fitted by hand. It is therefore important that the material is 'safe' to use as well as having appropriate high temperature properties to suit the process. Accordingly, Thermal Hire offer standard Superwool 607™ blanket material which has a classification temperature of 1100°C. The insulation can be supplied as unit mats, encased in a stainless steel mesh for repeated use, in a wide range of dimensions, thickness and insulation density. The insulation can also be supplied as unmeshed rolls. Thermal Hire can also supply ceramic fibre insulation mats, where this is permitted.