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Temperature control is one of the key aspects of a successful heat treatment process, not least of all for preheat and PWHT applications. Not only should the equipment provide the means for accurate settings of the time and temperature parameters but also should be able to withstand the rigours and demands of a site environment. Thermal Hire does offer simple set point and energy regulation options both within their heat treatment units and as separate items, which are both reliable and also incorporate up-to-date technology within their design. However, the preferred option is fully automatic control using purpose-designed programmers.

Thermal Hire offer two programmer units each have an available six control channels. The P159C is the simpler of the two and permits the setting of the three basic segments of a heat treatment process - rate of heating, hold and rate of cooling. The P256 model has the same features with some more sophisticated options such as a hold feature should the permitted temperature tolerances be exceeded and a fail safe mode should a thermocouple be detected 'open circuit'.