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Thermal Hire manufactures a range of electrical resistance heating elements to suit the many techniques that are required within the heat treatment industry. For example the modular flexible ceramic pad (FCP) is ideal for pipework applications being available in many standard sizes to suit the dimensions and geometry of the many weld configurations. The pads may be connected in groups of the same size and rating to provide group circuits for control purposes. The same pad can be integrated with meshed insulation mats and a stainless steel backing to provide further options for weld preheating, (CCP heaters). An extremely robust tank track heater is also available for preheat purposes.

A range of robust channel heaters are offered and may be manufactured to suit low or high voltage mains applications. These heaters are readily suited to the heated treatment of pressure vessel circumferential welds by internal heating and to temporary furnace applications. For mains voltage techniques it is normal to connected the heaters in star formation in groups of three to a three phase supply for the purpose of control.