Gas Fired Heating Systems

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High velocity gas heating is a well-established technique used throughout industry for a wide range of applications that include the PWHT of pressure vessels, spheres and tanks by internal firing. The technique with its excess air facility is also well suited to the dry-out of refractory linings and the controlled heat-up of furnaces in the glass industry where very low rates of heating are essential. The method is one in which the Company is highly experienced and expert as it was the primary system offered at its inception.

The burner offered gives a high degree of temperature control by the forced circulation at high velocity of the products of combustion, without flame impingement, coupled with the potential for high values of heat input. The standard high velocity burner has a maximum output of some 2.3 MW (8x106 BTU/hour). The Thermal Hire system includes the combustion air fan and hose, a control train with main/pilot gas flow and all the necessary programming and safety devices - with automatic flame failure and supervisory facilities. A range of spare items are also available.